Licensing Information

The licensing information provided here is based on the California health care system. It is intended as a general summary of the process involved for these professions. Participants are encouraged to obtain current information about licensing requirements in their own states.
Profession Licensing Overview Flow Chart Detailed Licensing Information & Links Other Relevant Information
Physician (MD) Flow Chart MD Detailed MD  
Nurse (RN) Flow Chart RN Detailed RN  
Dentist (DDS) Flow Chart DDS Detailed DDS California Advanced Standing DDS
Dietitian (RD) Flow Chart RD Detailed RD Dietetic Programs in California
Occupational Therapist (OT) Flow Chart OT Detailed OT  
Social Worker (BSW/MSW) Flow Chart SW Detailed SW Social Workers Work Tips
Psychologist Flow Chart Psych Detailed Psych Psychologist Work Tips
Physical Therapist (PT) Flow Chart PT Detailed PT  
Speech Pathologist & Audiologist Flow Chart ST Detailed ST  
Clinical Laboratory Technician   Detailed Lab Tech  
Pharmacist Flow Chart Pharm Detailed Pharm  
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