Participant Pathways

Applying ITHP skills from training in country of origin to related health occupations. e.g. physician (country of origin) to physician assistant, dentist (country of origin) to dental hygienist

Integrating ITHP currently employed in non-health related work into any position in the US Health Care Workforce

Guiding ITHP to other roles in the health sector. e.g. researchers, teachers, administrators, lobbyists, public health workers

Moving ITHP toward their profession from their country of origin by e.g. validating credentials, passing licensing exams, gaining residencies



Engage potential employers of WB participants in defining need for these types of employees in various job categories

Develop strategies with potential employers to employ WB participants

Los Angeles

San Diego (pdf)

San Francisco (pdf)

A community needs assessment completed by students of the SFSU MPH program under the guidance of the San Francisco Welcome Back Center, offers a Snapshot of the Linguistic Needs of San Francisco Safety-Net Providers and their Views on Foreign-Trained Health Professionals .


Policy Changes

MD Policy

Nurse Policy

DDS Policy