drawing of headphones Module 1 – Unit 1:  Listening Task - click to Listen

A Radio Interview about Changing Careers

photograph of Boris

Click on the LISTEN button to hear a radio interview with Boris, who is talking about his career. Read the questions below. Listen to the two parts of the interview and answer the questions.

Part 1

  1. What was Boris’ job in his country?
  2. What was Boris’ first job in the U.S.? How did he feel about this job?
  3. How did Boris find out about health care professions in the U.S.?
  4. What does Boris do now? Why did he choose this career?
Part 2
  1. What does Boris do on a usual day at his job?
  2. What does he like about his job?
  3. What doesn’t he like about his job?
  4. Do you think Boris made a good career change? Why or why not?