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English Health Train

English language skills for health care



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The full English Health Train curriculum* is based on the following levels of content and topics:

Module  > Unit > Lesson > Activities

The English Health Train materials are organized according to five major themes, or modules, with eight topics or units per module.

The Curriculum Chart provides an overview of all modules and units.

Each online unit consists of the following types of activities, for use as course work or as self-access language practice:

1.  Exploring the Topic

2.  Listening Task

3.  Language Focus

4.  Reading & Vocabulary

5.  Project Work

Instructors and students can use the materials in sequence – for example, Module 1: Unit 1 to Unit 8 – or  in random order based on interest and need. In order to plan a full course or program, see Course Planning for tools that can help facilitate the process.



* This website provides sample activities for each unit. For the full curriculum, contact the San Francisco Welcome Back Center.