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The English Health Train curriculum consists of 40 units organized according to five major themes/modules. :

  • Module 1 Exploring Career Goals in Health Care
  • Module 2 Communicating with Patients and Families
  • Module 3 Communicating with other Health Professionals
  • Module 4 Exploring Critical Issues in Health Care
  • Module 5 Intercultural Communication in Health Care

The curriculum design is unique in that the modules and units can be linked to each other or used independently for courses and workshops of different lengths in a variety of contexts. This website provides sample activities for each unit. For the full curriculum contact the San Francisco Welcome Back Center.

Curriculum at a Glance

Overall Goal To provide non-native-speaking health care workers with the English skills needed to communicate and function effectively in the workplace and to help them achieve their professional goals in the U.S.
Target Audience Foreign-trained health care professionals, immigrants seeking to enter health care program, and incumbent health care workers with limited English proficiency
Number of Course Hours Approximately 240-320 hours for full program; 6-8 hours per unit
Curriculum Content Integrated English language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) based on themes, issues, and situations of direct relevance to foreign-trained health professionals in the U.S. and diverse communities they may serve through various roles
Curriculum Approach Learner-centered, content-based courses with interactive, problem-solving tasks based on everyday communication in health care settings and current health care issues
Materials Format Custom-designed modules in five theme areas, with eight topics/units per module; listening, discussion, reading, and language focus activities in each unit