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With its flexible, modular curriculum design, English Health Train can be used in many different ways. It is critical to adapt the materials to meet specific learner needs in a variety of learning contexts. For this purpose, the following planning tools are included here:

Course planning worksheet (download pdf)

To be used by program administrators, curriculum planners, program coordinators, and instructors in planning a new course or series of courses in English for health care at their institution. The tool can be the basis for a collaborative planning process.

Learner needs questionnaire (download pdf)

To be adapted and used by program administrators and evaluators in assessing the gaps in the target learners’ communication and professional skills in the area of health care, as well as their learning preferences. Results will help determine course structure and content.

Sample course structures (download pdf)

To be used by program administrators and program coordinators in determining the structure and length of a course or series of courses to be offered at their institution. Such decisions will be based on the needs assessment results, institutional requirements, and resources available.

Sample course syllabus (download pdf)

To be used as a model by program coordinators and instructors in outlining the detailed content, assessment methods, and student requirements for a given course, based on the course structure selected. Instructor and students will use the syllabus as a guide during a course.


This website provides sample activities for each unit. For the full curriculum, contact the San Francisco Welcome Back Center.


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