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A variety of evaluation means can be used to check or measure students’ progress within courses based on the English Health Train curriculum, with a recommended emphasis on self-assessment by the students.

Student self-assessment here is based on the following goals:

  • To help learners understand and analyze their own current and desired performance in English for health care, based on workplace expectations in key areas of communication.
  • To help learners use tools for documenting their professional skills and achievements in health care.
  • To promote self-evaluation and self-development as a means of learners setting, pursuing, and assessing their own communication and professional goals.


Self-Assessment Rubrics (download pdf)

Students can complete self-assessment rubrics that are modules-based. The instructor can complete similar rubrics for each participant, providing a basis for discussion as needed. Sample rubrics for the five modules are provided here.


Project Rubric (download pdf)

The course materials include project work at the end of each unit meant to provide participants with further communication skills practice, research skills development, and the opportunity to apply the unit content to their own health care fields and goals.

The project rubric can be used by the instructor to assess progress in different aspects of the students’ projects (e.g. timeliness, completeness, relevance, authenticity, accuracy).