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The English Health Train materials consist of 40 units, based on five major themes/modules, as well as assessment components. The San Francisco Welcome Back Center disseminates the full curriculum through a one-day orientation session. For more information, contact the center. This website provides sample activities for each unit.

The design in itself is unique in that the curriculum can be implemented as a whole or in part since all modules and units are both linked and self-contained in terms of the topics and skills covered in each. This structure clearly lends itself to delivery of the curriculum as intensive courses, short courses, a series of theme-based workshops, or individual one-day sessions.

As a full one-year program, the curriculum offers the flexibility of course work that ranges from 240-320 hours. Such a program can, for example, consist of three courses that build directly on each other and develop learners’ skills at an increasingly higher level – progressing from a low-intermediate to high-intermediate level of English proficiency.

For course planning purposes, an individual institution interested in using English Health Train would further analyze the needs and situations of their student population in order to decide on course length and content – and adapt the curriculum accordingly.


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