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Ten Special Features of the English Health Train Curriculum

  1. Directly based on the identified needs of the foreign-trained health professional population in the U.S. and reflective of the participants’ diverse backgrounds and goals.
  2. Provides meaningful practice in a wide range of skills within an integrated curriculum – from active listening to critical thinking skills.
  3. Uses a content-based and task-based approach to merge relevant, up-to-date health care content with intensive language practice.
  4. Promotes self-development and self-assessment within a process of ongoing improvement for participants.
  5. Helps to build a community among the participants in which they continually exchange experience, expertise, and perspectives through varied activities and modes of interaction.
  6. Assists participants in developing their own job search and career development strategies through personalized projects, such as professional portfolios.
  7. Integrates intercultural issues and cross-cultural communication skills throughout, such as through case studies and diverse patient and health professional profiles.
  8. Provides ongoing opportunities to analyze challenging and emerging issues in health care – such as at-risk populations, alternative health perspectives, and health disparities – within a meaningful language curriculum.
  9. Takes into account the whole participant, beyond discrete language skills, and aims at increasing the confidence they need to overcome professional and educational obstacles to achieving their goals in health care.
  10. Includes opportunities for participants to explore ethnically and racially diverse populations in the U.S., and proposing ways to better serve them as health care professionals.


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