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The goals of the English Health Train materials are to improve students’ English language skills based on their increased ability to:

  • use strategies and skills for pursuing career goals in health care and making informed career choices.  Module 1
  • communicate effectively and appropriately with patients and families in health care settings.  Module 2
  • communicate effectively and appropriately with other health care professionals in health care settings.  Module 3
  • understand systems, requirements, and issues in health care in the United States.  Module 4
  • understand how cross-cultural beliefs, traditions, and behaviors impact everyday communication in health care.  Module 5
  • use strategies for exploring ongoing professional development in their own health care fields.  (All Modules)

The English Health Train curriculum consists of content-based courses with interactive, problem-solving tasks based on everyday communication in health care settings and on current health care issues.

It is important to note that three of the overarching themes for immigrant health professionals - loss of professional identity, commitment to underserved communities, and flexible career pathways - were analyzed by the team in light of this population’s English language needs and integrated throughout the curriculum in a variety of meaningful ways.



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